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Identify Emerging Technologies

What is “Emerging Technology” and how have we become experts with it?

Emerging Technology can be challenging to define due to the objective of the 'inventor' and the “end user.” When we evaluate emerging technologies, they typically fall in categories such as robotics, automation, software, hardware, machinery but it is not limited to these simple spaces. Emerging Technology could be a combination of the above list and requires a high level of competence around what problem the technology is solving and whether or not ROI (return on investment) is worthwhile.

  • Identify Emerging Technologies
  • Determine if an idea has potential
  • Understand how these technologies are relevant today
Emerging technologies

Where do we stand today with emerging technologies in recent history? The rise and importance of the critical data we collect through the internet has spawned whole new ecosystems.

Mobile phones are changing everything in our lives from the way we communicate (call, text, video chat, social media, and more) to the way we navigate (calendar invites, GPS, apps) and evaluate (google, Wikipedia, and other data driven apps). We’re also witnessing a massive shift in the way we produce, distribute, maintain, and transition energy.

Our team has built “silos” of contract experts that can tap into to evaluate emerging technologies. The benefit of the evaluation is they are not as close or invested in the success of the technology as the inventor or the investor. We can also look at other applications for the technology as we are not limited to a single market application. Our team has helped others find additional means to monetize their technology and laid out long-term success strategies.

Emerge with us.

Emerging technologies

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