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Evaluate Technologies for E.S.G. – Environmental Social Governance

What is E.S.G. (Environmental Social Governance) and why are so many organizations having trouble deciphering it and implementing it?

Emerging technologies

E.S.G. has not been defined by any global environmental group in a clear way and is an initiative driven by industry, rather than government agencies. As such, its definition, policies, procedures, values and implementation vary greatly.

Our team is directly engaged with multiple newly minted charities who are trying to better define, implement and hold each other accountable for E.S.G. The best fluid way to define E.S.G. is taking responsibility for the environmental and social impacts corporations have on both local and global socioeconomics.

Reducing and reusing waste presents many challenges, but there are plenty of “emerging technologies” making this possible while also providing a high return on investment.

We are helping companies define E.S.G (Environmental Social Governance) strategies which can reduce costs while improving company reputation and community standing.

  • Evaluate technologies
  • Recommend implementation strategies
  • Measure ROI (return on investment)

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Emerging technologies

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