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Breaking The Traditional Sales Mold

Traditional Sales/Marketing Business Model

  • The company owner decides to hire a sales/marketing professional based off a resume or referral and may use a recruiting/placement firm.
  • The company owner then provides salary (base + bonus or commissions), benefits, covered expenses, and also has to manage, track, train, and rely on feedback from the sales/marketing professional.
  • Most business owners have the understanding that it can take up to a year to see meaningful (needle moving) results from the professional they hired. Most business owners are willing to wait up to a year to get a return on their investment (ROI) in the professional they hire.
  • Hiring ineffective sales/marketing professionals can put a business a year behind in getting the results they need. If you are giving sales and marketing professionals six months or less to deliver results you will rarely see impactful business from them as it takes time to find the opportunities and allow them to get their client to learn about you.

Whay Are We Different?

  • Our team has a wide range of project managers and business development professionals who are actively seeking new projects with the understanding of how they can better monetize their well-developed networks.
  • We get your company information out to our team immediately and let them go to work, matching your business products/services with the right opportunities for your business model.
  • nstead of saying no to a project that is not in your scope, let us help you broker opportunities so that you never have to miss out on making income off anything you come across.

Additional Add-Vantages

  • We are independently marketing our services along with yours as frequently as possible.
  • We can help minimize cost of tradeshows or other events by splitting the cost between multiple non-competing vendors while pre-promoting prior to the event, maximize event exposure during the event, and providing one on one post event follow-up (not the generic thanks for coming by our booth email).
  • When we bring on additional clients (our customers) and professionals to our team (project managers/business development) you gain more exposure and increase awareness about your products/services exponentially.
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