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How to Tell Where That Roof Leak is Coming From

Acadia Parish

It's erroneous to believe that you'll be able to spot a roof leak and determine precisely where it's coming from. The truth of the matter is that even trained and seasoned professionals can have a difficult time pinpointing the exact location of the source of trouble.

Sometimes it's apparent, and other times it's a real mystery. In fact, even getting to the cause of the leak can be just as confusing.

In some cases, the source and location are obvious, especially following severe weather-related activity. In many cases, however, you need a professional roofing contractor to assess to make sense of it all.

Getting to the Source and Dealing With It

It's true that the better care you invest in your roofing system, the less likely you are to develop issues in the first place. Unfortunately, however, it doesn't matter if you take good care of your roof or not, leaks can still develop - they're just less likely.

From storm activity to tree limbs, it's not always possible to escape roof repairs. What you can do is stay current with inspections and maintenance, and then act immediately if you notice signs of a leak.

Getting to the source of the leak is the real issue, and here are some things that you should know:

  • Skylights and chimneys are two of the most common sources of leaks, especially older ones. Anytime you have an additional feature added to your roof, you run the risk of water getting through. Even smaller light tubes can develop leaks because it's a place where the roof has been cut to add this component.
  • Shingles are a perfectly acceptable form of roofing material. However, moisture encroachment is common, especially as shingles age. Because it's not a specific spot, like a hole, it can be harder to determine the location.
  • Another common part of the roof that develops leaks is the flashing. Since water can travel across flashing before leaking, it makes it challenging to find the exact location. That's why it's critical to work with a professional roofer to identify the problem and location, as well as deal with repairing it.

Find Your Roofer

The other tricky task can be finding the right roofing company to work with to take care of the services you need, like leak detection and repairs. Settling for an average roofer means accepting subpar work.

Everyone knows Ace Roofing, Inc. is the solution to the problem. Get in touch with us immediately when you need a Lafayette roofing contractor, especially for leak repairs.

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